E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    383650 Construction of open store yard at Barishal 230/132 kV Grid Sub-Station\r\nunder GMD, Barishal, PGCB.
    380830 Annual Maintenance work (Depending on getting\r\nshutdown from NLDC) of the Bhulta 400/230kV,\r\nNarsingdi 132/33kV & Bhulta 132/33kV Bay\'s\r\nequipments such as Transformers, Circuit Breakers,\r\nCTs, PTs, LA, DS etc. including washing, cleaning,\r\nadjusting and tightening of clamp connectors with\r\nconductors under GMD, Narsingdi as per schedule &\r\ndirection & satisfaction of Engineer in charge.
    378612 Painting work of T-3 Transformer and\r\n132 kV switchyard equipment structure\r\nat 132/33 kV Halishahar Grid Substation\r\nunder GMD, Chattogram (Central) PGCB.
    377771 Contract basis tree trimming service on\r\nthe Right-of-Way (ROW) of KhgrachariRangamati & Rangamati-Chandraghona\r\n132 kV transmission line under\r\nKhagrachari Grid Substation GMD,\r\nChattogram (North), PGCB.
    377123 Supply of safety equipments for all sub\\r\\nstations under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-East.
    376933 Annual Dead Line Checking of 400 kV 230\r\nkV 132 kV Transmission Line under GMD,\r\nPGCB, Kaliakair.
    376873 Cutting Grass, Bush, Jungles, Shrub etc,\r\nsweeping street and cleaning drain at\r\nMeghnaghat 230 kV Grid Substation &\r\nSonargaon 132/33 kV Grid Substation\r\nUnder GMD, PGCB, Dhaka (East).
    376859 Repair and maintenance work of air\r\ncooler at different Grid Substation under\r\nGMD Chattogram (Central) PGCB.
    375936 Design molding supplying different type high\r\nvoltage connector/clamp for Substation\r\nunder GMD, PGCB, Kaliakair.
    375933 Operation, Maintenance and\r\nservicing of 04 (four) numbers\r\nof lift at NLDC Bhaban. Form\r\n01.02.2020 to 31.01.2022
    375907 Annual operation and\r\nmaintenance of 210 3x70 Ton\r\nair conditioning systems Huali\r\nBrand at NLDC Bhaban. From\r\n01-02-2020 to 31-01-2022
    373801 Setup 33/0.4 kV Station\r\nTransformer at Dohazari\r\nGrid Sub Station under\r\nGMD, PGCB, Ctg(S).
    373630 Tower leg painting of 132 kV ShahjadpurSirajgonj, Shahjadpur-Pabna, BaghabariIshwardi Transmission line at Shahjadpur\r\n132/33 kV S/S under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi.
    373223 Annual dead line checking of 400/230/132 kV transmission line towers\r\nunder GMD, PGCB, Sreemongal.
    372084 Purchase of tools for repair and maintenance of different Grid Sub-Stations\r\nunder GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah.
    372078 Procurement of fire fighting equipments CO2\r\ngas with cylinder for different Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi..
    371688 132 kV bus up-gradation work at\r\nBaraulia 132/33 kV Grid Substation\r\nunder GMD, Chattogram (North), PGCB.
    371166 Procurement of 132 kV Circuit\r\nBreaker for different grid\r\nsubstation under Grid Circle\r\nChattogram, PGCB. (Phase-6)
    370797 Repair Maintenance of Cable Trench Slab at Barishal 132/33 kV Grid Sub\r\nStation Under GMD, PGCB, Barishal.
    370433 Repair and Maintenance work of Control Room Building Security Gate and\r\nMain Gate of Patuakhali Grid Sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Barishal.