Efficient and effective management of national power grid for reliable and quality transmission as well as economic dispatch of electricity throughout the country.


Economic upliftment of the country by reaching electricity to all through reliable transmission.

Quality Policy:

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh(PGCB) is committed to manage all affairs of the National Power Grid and endure quality transmission of generated electricity for distribution to provide full satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality and reliability. This commitment will be achieved by:
- Obtaining certification of ISO 9001:2008 and maintaining an efficient quality management system following international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirement.
- Undertaking proper maintenance of the National Power Grid, sub-stations and relevant facilities efficiently and effectively.
- Assuring the availability of Grid Sub-station & Transmission Lines and maintaining the quality of supplied electrical energy.
- Maintaining effective activities of NLDC to operate national grid network.
- Ensuring the effectiveness of system protection system to confirm correct monitoring and security of national grid.
- Ensuring correct and effective financial management for smooth functioning of different functions.
- Ensuring effective planning and development functions to execute all projects works correctly, effectively and timely manner.
- Managing and developing human, technical and material resources at all levels.
- Executing timely financial audit programmers to mitigate audit objections to have a transparent and correct financial affairs.