Leasing Optical Fiber
PGCB has installed OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) on high voltage transmission line to protect the transmission lines from thundering. This technology of placing optical fiber within the ground wire is being widely used throughout the world at present.
The instant communication between NLDC and different grid substations, power stations are being maintained through PGCB's own telecommunication PLC (Power Line Carrier) system for the purpose of reliable power transmission. Besides voice communication, the above PLC telecommunication system have got the additional facilities of tele-protection for protecting the transmission lines from external faults & tele-metering for instant data transfer and to take necessary actions. Due to the inadequate speed of existing PLC communication equipments, efforts are being taken to improve the telecommunication system of PGCB by installing & using high speed Optical fiber with multiplexers.
The length of the OPGW installed in the transmission line of PGCB till June 2012 is approximately 4300 km and covering the major part of the country. After PGCB's own communication need, the spare optical fibers are being leased out to local telecom operators to develop national communication infrastructure for their commercial use.
   Optical Fiber Backbone of PGCB
   Tariff rate of dark-fiber of PGCB